Altenburger Land Tourist Association

Altenburger Land Tourist Association

The Association has been promoting the development of tourism in the Altenburger Lander for more than 20 years. Although the goals of the Association have not changed since its establishment in 1992, the focal points of our work have varied over the years.
1. Infrastructures oriented both to the needs of visitors and our residents have to be created, maintained and harnessed.

2. Target-group-appropriate offers have to be defined, sought, developed and communicated.

3. Necessary requirements and the development of the tourist industry have to be represented in political committees – both regionally and nationally – as well as in the inward and outward perception.

4. Cooperations within the region as well as with geographical and thematic partners on a trans-regional basis have to be created and kept alive.

5. The quality of services and offers has to be repeatedly defined anew, controlled and trained.
It is a matter of enabling
1. the region to speak with one voice.

2. a design and marketing plan for all actors.

3. coordinating and planning offers and infrastructure.

4. acting in the market – not reacting.

Our goals are:

1. Successfully marketing cultural tourism together – primarily in the city of Altenburg – and active tourism – first and foremost for the Altenburger Land – as an attractive offer.

2. Securing and creating jobs.

3. ...supporting the retail sector.

4. Communicating cultural assets, cultural institutions and the widest possible range of events.

Members of the Board

Michael Wolf


André Neumann

1st deputy chairman

+49 (0)3447 594101

Uwe Melzer

2nd deputy chairman

+49 (0)3447 586202

Kathy Träger-Thieme

Sabine Hofmann

Heidi Hindemith

Bastian Leikeim

Klaus Börngen

Sven Schrade

Bertram Burkhardt

Members of the Altenburger Land Tourist Association

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