Walking in the footsteps of Dukes
The Residence Castle rises impressively above the city of Altenburg. It is home to historical events. In addition, you can enjoy concerts, exhibitions, recitals and much more besides here. It is charmingly set in a Palace Park, which also includes an Orangery and a Tea House, which provides gastronomy (subject to the season) as well as a venue for events. Winding paths lead to the Lindenau Museum, the Mauritianum Natural History Museum and the Duchess Agnes Memorial Church. The Palace and Playing Card Museum, open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday, offers tours through the Palace Garden in summer. Printing plates can be manufactured and playing cards printed in the playing card manufacturing workshop.
Impressive furnishings

Red marble pillars bear the gallery of the Great Hall, which is regarded as a total artwork of historicism. Both the arched panels at the top wall seals and the ceiling fresco take as their theme the sole fairy-tale that has survived from antiquity – the story of Cupid and Psyche. Also striking is the Bach Hall, the ceiling of which is decorated with paintings of historical scenes by Richard Böhland. The elegant Gold Hall is defined by stylistic elements in almost a classisistic manner.

Cherry wood, mahogany and rosewood – the parquet floor in the Alexandra Room is one of the most beautiful floors in the entire Palace. Red silk wallpapers based on historical models line the salon. The Empire Room stands out with its gilded stucco zone. The Ducal Library is characterised by neo-renaissance and art nouveau elements. The room is further enhanced by artistic works, such as a painting dealing with the Altenburg "Kidnapping of the Princes" – one of the most spectacular abductions ever to have taken place in Central Germany, which had its beginnings in Altenburg Palace in the 15th century in Altenburg Palace.

Among the impressive features of the Collegiate and Palace Church of St. Georg are its baroque interiors. The magnificent Trost Organ ensures the perfect sound. The church, the Banqueting Hall and the Bach Hall are all worth visiting with the daily tours on offer.
Enjoy the view extending to beyond Altenburg
Two towers rise above the palace grounds: the Hausmannsturm (tower) – dominating all the other buildings, and the keep known as the "Flasche" (Bottle), embodying a romantic residential tower. The Junkerei (Junker estate) houses the Thuringian State Archive of Altenburg.
Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm
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