The history of knights and ladies of society
Posterstein Castle is a unique museum that brings the history of the region to life. The medieval castle, set on a promontory, towers above the banks of the Sprotte stream. The location of Posterstein, lying at the foot of the castle hill, contains half-timbered buildings – testimonials to a time when craftsmen and farmers settled around the feudal estate. There are parking spaces for cars and coaches in front of the castle. From the nearest railway station in Nöbdenitz, you reach Posterstein Castle via the idyllic Sprotte Experience Trail either on foot or by bicycle.
The history of knights and ladies of society
Discover the over 800-year-old castle – from the dungeon to the high keep. A breathtaking view is to be had from the 25-metre high observation platform in any weather – and on a clear day as far as the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains). Between the dungeon and the castle tower, the exhibitions take you into the baroque rooms of the castle through the history of the region – from the time of the founding of the castle under the Emperor Friedrich I (Barbarossa) through to the history of European salon society in the early 19th century. You encounter prominent figures, such as Julius Pflugk, Jakob Heinrich von Flemming, Wolf Konrad von Thumbshirn and Veit Ludwig von Seckendorff, Duchess Anna Dorothea of Courland and her daughters Wilhelmine of Sagan and Dorothée von Dino-Talleyrand, Hans Wilhelm von Thümmel and Bernhard August von Lindenau, as well as Jean Paul, Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus, Theodor Körner and Hans Fallada. Young "knights" and "ladies of society“ best conquer the castle in fancy dress. The various stages of the family exhibition "Der Kinderburg" (The Children's Castle) provide insights into the history in an interactive and entertaining manner.

A particular highlight is the Castle Church, which can be visited during services, or upon request to the parish.
A castle for the whole family
The flair of the historical castle complex resurrects history, thereby forming the perfect setting for the annual medieval spectacle. Every year at Whitsun, jugglers, a mediaeval market, jousting and a tournament attract thousands of visitors to Posterstein. A wide range of events are held here throughout the year, while the castle provides a graceful setting for private parties. Furthermore, weddings are also very popular in the castle – after all, this is the most romantic place imaginable for a dream wedding. Small group civil marriage ceremonies take place in the historical ambience of the former courtroom.
Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday, public holidays: 10 am - 6 pm
November to February: closing one hour earlier
Ascension, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day: closed
Museum Burg Posterstein
Burgberg 1
04626 Posterstein
Phone: 034496 / 22595