A world-class museum of art history
With the Lindenau Museum, the city of Altenburg offers a world-class art collection: for those interested in the history of Italian art, a visit to the magnificent museum, beautifully set in the Palace Park, is an absolute must. Amongst other treasures housed in the neo-renaissance building is an internationally recognised collection of 180 precious Italian panel paintings dating back to the 13th - 16th century – including works by celebrated masters such as Sandro Botticelli.
New art collections, a valuable library
Bernhard August von Lindenau, the founder of the museum, was not only a natural scientist and statesman, but also an important art collector and patron. He collected over 2,500-year-old Greek and Etruscan ceramics, plaster casts of famous sculptures of classical antiquity and the Renaissance as well as a valuable art library. The extensive new collections comprise paintings, graphic art and sculptures ranging from the 17th century to the present day, including works from Jan Brueghel the Younger, Max Slevogt, Max Liebermann and Max Klinger. There is a particular focus on Expressionism and New Objectivity with works by Conrad Felixmüller, Peter August Böckstiegel and Otto Dix.
Since 1848, the museum has been part of an art school, which regularly offers courses and workshops for both teenagers and adults.
The Gerhard Altenbourg Award
The Lindenau Museum possesses the greatest collection of works by the artist Gerhard Altenbourg. The museum fosters this heritage by granting the Gerhard Altenbourg Award to important contemporary artists.

The museum building was designed by the architect Julius Robert Enger, a pupil of the celebrated architect Gottfried Semper, whose masterworks include the Semper Opera House in Dresden.
Opening hours
The Lindenau-Museum has been closed until January 2023 due to renovation work since January 1, 2020.
On June 13th, 2020, an interim of the museum opens in the city center and gives a brief overview of the art collections.
Lindenau-Museum Altenburg
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