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Altenburger Bauernhöfe e.V.

Untere Dorfstraße 12, 04617 Starkenberg | Phone: 034495 81581

The Altenburg farmers shaped an independent cultural region in Altenburger Land. Especially the Altenburg costumes still play an important role today. Get to know the old craft of a miller. Technology and operation of the historic post windmill from 1732.

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Altenburg Distillery

Am Anger 1-2, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: +49 (0)3447 554 60

The Altenburg Destillerie & Liqueurfabrik GmbH has been successfully producing since 1948 with a large number of product innovations and awards for a wide variety of applications and customer requirements with an extremely high quality experience.

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Altenburger Geschichtsverein e.V.

Markt 12, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447- 831156

The exhibition and event rooms of the Altenburger History Association e.V. subdivide into an information and documentation center on the history of the 20./21. Century and the gallery at the market.

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Main Market of Altenburg

Markt 1, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 5940

The main market of Altenburg The main market is one of the oldest and largest in terms of area in Germany.

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Playing Card Museum Altenburg

Schloss 2, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 512710 für wochentags oder 512712 für wochenende

The still remained collection inventory of the old ducal armory and antique chamber were forming the basis of the museum, which was based in 1920. Already in 1923 was a playing cards museum as a spezial department integrated, at that time just in one room, the so called "Skatheimat".

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Skat Fountain

Brühl 1, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 896689

It is the only monument that was built to honor for the game “Skat”.

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City Tours

Markt 17, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447.512800

Try the local culinary specialities which are also on offer in the shop and sit in the sun with a glass of regional wine and goat cheese enjoying typical Germany in a nutshell.

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Mill Lumpzig

Dobraer Weg 3, 04626 Lumpzig | Phone: 034495 81581

The Bockwindmühle in Lumpzig is the last surviving of Altenburger Land and at the same time one of the two oldest (1732) Bockwindmühlen Thuringia.

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Friar's Church

Brüdergasse 11, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 4885146

With 3371 pipes in 50 registers we see here the largest organ in Altenburg. It was built from 1903 - 1905 by the company Wilhelm Sauer.

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Der Schmöllner Knopf-Weg

Markt 1, 04626 Schmölln | Phone: 034491-760

Who commits this route and let his thoughts wander, will be able to guess the immense importance of this trade must have had for this relatively small city. You can get a flyer for the Knopfweg, including the Wegkarte, free of charge in our Bürgerservice am Amtsplatz.

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Creative Factory "kitchen of colour"

Markt 10, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 5153716

Open generation-spanning creative work city

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Flaschenturm mit Panorama

Schlosshof 2, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 512710 für wochentags oder 512712 für wochenende

The Flasche, an old castle tower from the 11th century,

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Church of peace Ponitz

Gößnitzerstraße 5, 04639 Ponitz | Phone: 03764-4632

With its 42 meter high tower, it shapes the townscape. In 1998, on the occasion of the commemoration of the Peace of Westphalia, it was renamed the "Church of Peace" 300 years ago.

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Förderverein "Mitteldeutsches Wandermarionettentheater" e.V.

Am Feld 2, 04603 Nobitz OT Engertsdorf | Phone: 034494-80727

The "Komödiantenhof" in Engertsdorf is a place of traditional care of the Wandermarionettentheater. It houses the original surviving traveling puppet theater, formerly Curt Kressig, from the early years of the last century (in operation from 1914-1966),

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Schloss- und Kulturbetrieb Residenzschloss Altenburg 2, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 512710 für wochentags oder 512712 für wochenende

The Hausmannturm, was built in the 12th century.

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Museum of local history and paper manufacture

Fabrikstraße 10, 04617 Fockendorf | Phone: 03434354267

The museum of local history and paper is located on the site of the former paper mill Fockendorf. It consists of an open-air museum with a functioning hydroelectric power plant (water wheel) and various original machines from the paper industry.

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Heimat- und Verkehrsverein Rochlitzer Muldental e.V.

Burgstraße 6, 09306 Rochlitz | Phone: (03737) 7863620

Romantic castles, mysterious castles and old convent walls - they all line up in the valley of the castles like pearls on a chain and alternate with picturesque rivers, idyllic forests and green valleys.

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Duches Agnes Church

Hausweg 4, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447/48 84 95

This Protestant-Lutheran church was built by Duke Ernst I in memory of his deceased wife Agnes in 1897.

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Historical Barber

Pauritzer Str. 7, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447-311790

Step into the historical Hairsalon and explore the 1920s hairdressing and barbering.

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Jazzclub Altenburg

Rosenweg 7, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 0176021816128

„We host national and international stars as well as young bands from Altenburg and the surrounding regions, offering them a stage to gather experience and perform their art.“

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Cabaret Nörgelsäcke

Dammstraße 3, 04639 Gößnitz | Phone: 034493-72580 /Kartentel. 034493-21645.

The cabaret theater with the stage under the glass dome offers its viewers a varied schedule, in which the focus is on political-satirical ensemble cabaret. Mon - Fri 9am - 12pm and 2.30pm - 6pm, Wed closed

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Museum of local History and Button manufacture

Sprottenanger 2, 04626 Schmölln | Phone: 034491-760

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Kulturbund Altenburger Land e.V.

Brühl 2, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447836012

Directly on the Brühl at the Skatbrunnen, next to the Seckendorff palaceais

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treasure "Quellenhof" Garbisdorf

Garbisdorf 6, 04618 Göpfersdorf | Phone: 03447-70295

Acquired in 2001 by the municipality of Göpfersdorf due to its desolate state and character. Current use as art, culture and meeting yard used.

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House of Art No. 7

Untere Dorfstr. 7, 04617 Starkenberg OT Naundorf | Phone: 03449581215 / 015785517801

Kunsthaus No 7, studio and exhibition house Telephone registration is desired!

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State Theatre Altenburg

Theaterplatz 19, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 5850

As part of Theater & Philharmonie Thüringen, the Landestheater Altenburg includes the Große Haus with almost 500 seats as well as the heating house and the theater under the roof. Due to extensive renovation work, the performances will take place in the theater tent until spring 2021.

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Lindenau-Museum of Art

Kunstgasse 1, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447-89553

The Lindenau Museum houses one of the world's most attractive collections of early Italian panel paintings. Amassed by astronomer, statesman and art patron Bernhard August von Lindenau (1779 - 1854), the collected Greco-Roman pottery and plaster casts, and built up a valuable art library.

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Puppetry Theatre

Zur Wiera 8, 04603 Nobitz OT Engertsdorf | Phone: 034494-80727

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Market Schmölln

Markt 1, 04626 Schmölln | Phone: 034491-760

Since the enormous city brand in 1772 the market place of Schmölln has a lenght of 193 metres.

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Castle Posterstein

Burgberg 1, 04626 Posterstein | Phone: 034496 22595

In the baroque rooms of the more than 800-year-old castle, exhibitions give an insight into the castle‘s history and the history of the region.

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Museum of Naturel History

Parkstraße 10, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: +49 (0)3447 2589

The Mauritianum is the natural history regional museum of Northeastern Thuringia with collections and research on nature between the white Elster and Mulde, whose exhibits are interesting from geology, mineralogy, paleontology, zoology and botan

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Nikolai look-out

Nikolaikirchhof 45, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 512710 für wochentags oder 512712 für wochenende

The parish church of St. Nicholas is mentioned in 1140 as the seat of the archdeacon for the Pleißenland. After closing the church in 1528, the building is dismantled down to the tower. Closed from November to March!

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historical Townhall

Markt 1, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 594842

The town hall of Altenburg is one of the most beautiful in Germany.

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Castle Ponitz

Crimmitschauer Str. 11a, 04639 Ponitz | Phone: 03764-4294

The earliest known documentary proof of a lord of Ponitz is the year 1254.

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Schloss- und Kulturbetrieb Residenzschloss Altenburg

Schloss 2, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 512710 für wochentags oder 512712 für wochenende

The Castle, built on a steep towering porphyry rock, appears as a plant closed into itself and dominates with its silhouette and its distinctive towers the towns-cape of Altenburg.

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Red Spires

Berggasse 15, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 512710 für wochentags oder 512712 für wochenende

Between the southern and the northern tower, there is a barrel-vaulted vestibule, in which the three-tiered arched portal with raised columns attracts interest. Opening hours: May - October, Fri to Sun. from noon to 5 pm, guided tours 11 am

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Castle Church Altenburg

Schloss 2, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 / 512710 oder 03447 / 512712

In the castle church, the guests will experience an allusion (by the band) of the 1739 dedicated organ by Tobias Heinrich Gottfried Consolation. The stately Gothic castle church with its early Baroque interior and the sound-laden consolation organ invites you to marvel.

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St. Bartholomew Church

Burgstraße 18, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447- 381490

The Bartholomäi Church as Martin Luther Memorial and Georg Spalatin Memorial Church. On 15 April 1523 Luther here trusted his friend Wenzel Linck. The wedding of a pastor with a local citizen's daughter was celebrated as an achievement of the Reformation for two days.

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Stadtfriedhof am Grüntaler Weg

Grüntaler Weg 1c, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 371417

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Studio Bildende Kunst im Lindenau Museum

Gabelentzstr. 5, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447/89553

The Studio Bildende Kunst stands as a department of the Lindenau Museum in the tradition of the art school founded in 1848 and belonging to Bernhard August von Lindenau Museum ..

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Tea House, Orangery

Schloss 2-4, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 - 512710

Duke Frederick II of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg built the tea house between 1706 and 1712 in the Altenburg Palace Gardens.

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Tourist-Information LEIPZIG REGION

Katharinenstraße 8, 04109 Leipzig | Phone: 0341 7104260

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Schulstraße 49, 04610 Meuselwitz |

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Free Mason Lodge

Johannisgraben 12, 04600 Altenburg | Phone: 03447 - 89 42 12

Rental of premises for parties in a special atmosphere Mediation of service providers (catering, photographers, florists, limousine service, carriage, fireworks, ...)

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