Thrilling visitors - for almost 150 years!
Whether exclusive premieres, experimental works or ambitious dance productions – those who have once experienced the historical architecture and the ring of the Altenburg Regional Theatre live, will never lose their fascination for this venue so steeped in tradition. Under the auspices of the Thuringia Theater&Philharmonie Company, the programme of this multi-purpose venue offers an eclectic mix for young and old alike – ranging from opera to puppet theatre.
Opening and premiere: from "Freischütz" to Wieland Wagner
The Ducal Court Theatre was ceremoniously opened in 1871 with a performance of Carl Maria von Weber's "The Freischütz". It is modelled on the old Royal Opera House designed by the celebrated architect Gottfried Semper in Dresden. In retrospect, particular historical importance is attached both to the first production of the "Ring Tetralogy" there in 1943 by Wieland Wagner, who was partly trained in Altenburg, and its surviving the war years unscathed. Following its final own productions of "Salome" and "Le Sacre du Printemps", the Regional Theatre was merged with the Bühnen der Stadt Gera (Theatre) in 1995.
For visitors and theatre lovers: programme, tickets and opening times
Due to extensive renovation work, the performances will take place in the theater tent until spring 2021.
Opening times, tickets and upcoming events are available at:
Box office at tourist-information
Markt 10
04600 Altenburg

Phone: 03447-585160
Fax: 03447-585141

Opening hours:
Tuesday: 10 - 6 pm
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10 am - 5 pm