Experience the fascination of aviation
The Altenburg-Nobitz World of Aviation is a museum opened in 2005, lying directly at Altenburg Airfield by the Leinawald local recreation area. Lovers of planes, those interested in technology and history enthusiasts get full value for their money here. The exhibition includes instrumentation, aircraft engines and accurately detailed models. The highlight is provided by the complete aircraft on outdoor display, including a MiG-21 SPS, MiG-21 MST, Breguet Atlantic and a Starfighter.
The history of the airfield dates back to 1882
Part of the exhibition is devoted to the history of Altenburg Airfield, which dates back to 1882. In that time, Duke Ernst I of Saxe-Altenburg handed over the then parade ground for further military use. In 1913, the airbase was inaugurated and in the following years expanded. After the First World War, the airfield was dismantled. In 1933, the airfield was reconstructed. From 1945 to 1992, it served as an airbase for the Soviet Air Force. Since 1996, it has been used as a civilian airport with various flight connections. For example, between 2003 and 2011 Ryanair flew from Altenburg to London and Barcelona, among other destinations.
The museum is managed by the Flugwelt Altenburg-Nobitz Association, which was founded in 2004. The voluntary staff look after the constant enlargement of the exhibition and cater to visitors in the café with coffee, cakes and small snacks.
Admission charges
For adults 3.50 euros, for children (7-16 years of age) 1.50 euros.
There are special prices for groups and school groups.
Opening hours
April to October: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10 am - 5 pm
November to March: by appointment
Special opening hours on appointment
Flugwelt Altenburg Nobitz e. V.
Am Flughafen 3
04603 Nobitz
Phone: 03447 / 515033
Fax: 03447 / 515034