Create and print your own playing cards.
Regular tours, join-in offers and events
The interactive playing card workshop offers various ways for visitors to take part. With the offer for observers, visitors receive a one-hour tour of the playing card collection together with a presentation of the workshop and a printing demonstration. With the offer for taking part, a 90-minute course is given by the "Master". Following a short introduction, those taking part proceed immediately to letterpress and gravure printing. The really creative part comes with the offer for all-rounders – this lasts some three hours. Those taking part digitally create their own playing card motif as a printing plate in the media workshop with the use of a 3D printer. This is then printed in the workshop in the traditional way.
Registration and offer to the public
All offers can only be taken up following prior appointment. The price – from 9 to 15 euros per person – includes admittance to the museum for the entire Royal Palace as well as material costs. Each Friday at 2 pm, an offer to visitors takes place without prior appointment.
More information, opening hours, prices, events and exhibitions in regard to the Royal Palace of Altenburg is available on our website.
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