In the tracks of the old mine railway.
The Meuselwitz Kohlebahn railway runs along a 15-kilometre trail through an idyllic landscape in the Altenburger Land as far as Saxony. Almost every Sunday, the 900-mm narrow-gauge railway is in service on the two-and-a-half-hour trip from Meuselwitz to Regis-Breitingen and back. The service partly runs on the tracks of the former mine railway, which used to transport raw coal to the briquette factories. The railway line is operated by the Kohlenbahnen (mine railway) Association. Each year, the Western Days, a model railway exhibition as well as the Advent and Christmas trips attract a large number of visitors. A new attraction on the railway is the cinema wagon. This has been converted from a former dance floor into a cinema. For events or – on request – for special trips, you can watch films on various themes in it.
From Meuselwitz to Regis-Breitingen and back
The trip starts at Meuselwitz Station. From there, it goes past Auholz and the Waldsee lake through the Schnaudertal valley. The route runs through the Kammerforst forest as far as Haselbach, then crosses the border into Saxony and stops in Regis-Breitingen. On the return journey, the train stops in the Western town of Haselbach, where the passengers can fortify themselves with coffee and cakes. It then continues its journey back to Meuselwitz. Here the visitors can inspect vintage trains, technical systems and plenty of other exhibits on display on the museum track.
Timetable, special trips and fares
The fare for the return trip is 14 euros for adults and 4 euros for children between four and twelve years of age. In addition to the regular timetable, special trips are also offered – for example, for family and company functions as well as club celebrations. Special trains, such as the saloon car, buffet cars and open scenic carriages can also be booked.

Other prices, information on the special tours and the timetable are available on the website of the Kohlenbahn Association.
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