Excitement and fun for the whole family.
The Labyrinthehaus in Altenburg offers fun and excitement for the whole family on 2000 square meters. Four different labyrinths invite you to an extraordinary adventure with fantastic beings. Scenes, special effects and music create the right ambience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the world of mazes.
From Egypt to the deep sea: the four labyrinths
On the site of the former Duke Joseph barracks visitors pass through four different labyrinths. In the Tinka Temple it goes to Egypt: In the pyramid, the adventurers try to find the burial chamber of Pharaoh. As in the heart of Africa, the Congo King feels like a voodoo master and drum sounds. Sea monsters and giant squids wait in the deep-sea labyrinth, while visitors to the magic labyrinth get to hear myths and legends.
No horror effects - excursion destination for children
Since there are no horror effects, the Labyrinthehaus is an ideal destination for the whole family. In 2016, it came in at the audience award of the online portal Park Scout ranked tenth of the most popular indoor parks in Germany.
However, it is recommended that children under the age of 12 go through the labyrinths only when accompanied by an adult.
Opening hours, entrance fees and directions
Daily 10 am - 6 pm, also on bank holidays
The last admission takes place at 5 pm.

Adults pay 11 euros per person, children up to a size of 1.40 meters 9 euros. Children under one meter have free admission.

By car, the destination is easy to reach. Free parking is available. For those arriving by train: The train station is approximately eight minutes away on foot.
Labyrinthehaus® Altenburg
Hausweg 40
04600 Altenburg
Phone: 03447 / 511273