DOMBROWSKY MARIONETTE THEATRE performing in the seventh generation for young and old alike.
The Dombrowsky Marionette Theatre is now performing in the seventh generation for children and adults. The travelling theatre primarily performs in rural areas and small towns in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Southern Brandenburg and Thuringia. In addition, the "Central German Travelling Marionette Theatre" Promotional Association has established a theatre hall in the "Komödiantenhof" (Comedians' Court) in Engertsdorf in the Altenburger Land – some 15 kilometres from Altenburg – and permanently installed an original, historical travelling marionette theatre (ca. 1900).
The history of the family-run theatre dates back as far as 1810
With the pieces performed by Uwe and Evelyn Dombrowsky, spectators can experience great artistry in a small space. The history of the family business can be traced back to 1810. In 1980, the trained puppeteer Uwe Dombrowsky founded his own stage. Since 1982, he has been on the road together with his wife Evelyn.
Programme and events for children and adults
The programme consists of 15 pieces for children and 11 for adults. The programme for children focuses on classic fairy tales such as "Rumpelstiltskin", "The Frog Prince" and "Little Red Riding Hood". The repertoire for adults consists of classics, such as "Dr. Faust´s Descent into Hell", as well as regional stories, such as "The Kidnapping of the Princes in Saxony" and "Countess Cosel - a Woman's Destiny in the Court of August the Strong". The complete programme as well as all events is available on the website:
An unusual venue: a quartz cave in the Zschorlau Adventure Mine
The married couple are always on the lookout for exceptional venues for their travelling marionette theatre, such as the quartz cave in the Zschorlau Adventure Mine. In addition, they also conceive and design exhibitions on the theme of travelling marionette theatre after the example of the Kressig-Dombrowsky family dynasty.
Marionettentheater im "Komödiantenhof"
Hauptstraße 8
04618 Engertsdorf
Phone: 034494 / 80727