Exquisite tastes and antiquarian playing cards
Skat and Altenburger goat cheese are popularly associated with the small city in the eastern part of Thuringia. But there is a lot more here besides that. Those who enjoy rummaging through hundreds of playing cards and are keen on regional specialities have come to the right place at the Market in Altenburg.

The Altenburger Playing Card and Speciality Shop has many surprises in store for visitors with the biggest selection of modern and antiquarian playing cards in the whole of Germany: from skat, via rummy, bridge and quartet through to exceptional quiz games – almost everything "Made in Altenburg" where today over 90 percent of all German playing cards are made. In addition to this, the staff serve regional delicacies: Altenburger goat cheese, mustard, liqueur, beer, wine and products from regional farmers.
Opening hours and tastings
For those who have always wanted to rummage through playing cards to their heart's content, the Altenburger Playing Card Shop at the Market is the perfect place to be. Over 350 different kinds of playing cards – both from prestigious manufacturers and smaller publishing houses – together with an enormous number of individual antiquarian cards and accessories are to be found in the special ambience lovingly furnished with historical furniture. As the factory outlet of the AHere you absolutely have to taste the Altenburger specialities such as goat cheese, wine, mustard and liqueur, or take part in the city tour (starts in the shop).

City tours with tasting for everybody:
all the year round: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 2 pm and Saturday at 11 am

New: Altenburger tasting tours: accompany us on a 3-hour culinary journey of discovery around the Altenburger Market and the historical city centre. Afterwards, you will meet many interesting people, and learn more about our specialities and how they are made. At the end, you are full - and hopefully utterly relaxed and happy. With fixed dates for everybody, or for groups by appointment:
Spielkarten- und Spezialitätenladen am Markt
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Markt 17
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Phone: 03447 / 512800