Award-winning and much loved
True to its motto "Passion for fine drops", the Altenburger Distillery & Liqueur Factory has been creating and distilling schnaps and liqueurs for more than 70 years – such as the "Osterland Whisky Collection", the Scottish single malt Whisky "Red Peak’s" and the butterscotch whisky-liqueur "SixSins". All the products can be experienced in the shop, the company's own museum as well as at tours and tastings.
A discerning product spectrum: schnaps, liqueur, "Schwarzgebrannter" and "Hüttensause"
In recent years, the family-run company with a long tradition has established itself as specialists for top-quality products. The strength of the Altenburger Distillery & Liqueur Factory, however, lies in its great variety. While on the one hand, the quality and individuality of many of its specialities has resulted in international awards, the company also caters to a wider range of tastes: from the fine herbal drops of "Schwarzgebrannter" through to the famous "Hüttensause" schnaps. With over 30 million bottles a year from its production locations in Germany and Poland, the Altenburger Distillery is today one of the biggest manufacturers of spirits in Germany.
Offers for touching and buying:
For those who would like to discover the genuine craftsmanship and creativity of the Altenburger Distillery & Liqueur Factory for themselves, they will get full value for their money in the company's own factory outlet or the Spirits Museum. More information on events is available at:
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Monday to Friday 11 am - 6 pm
Saturday 10 am - 1 pm
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